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Proactive Dr. Usha Jain against Morgan and Morgan Orlando

Suit filed by Ryan Morgan of Morgan and Morgan law firm which was for wage and hour.

The suit was a fee driven suit and did not have any basis. Many negligences and the most example was that he filed the suit on the company which did not even exist.

Attorney fee driven suits where attorney is so lazy that did not check the record before filing the suit. Attorney Ryan Morgan wasted time of the court by filing for the wrong party and later amended it.

Then he wasted further time of the court and tried to intimidate the self-representing litigant Dr. jain and Mr. Jain. Attorney Ryan Morgan thought he will collect the settlement from Dr. Jain and Mr. Jain.  When it was known to him that Dr. Jain and Mr. Jain will take him to jury, then he decides to drop the case.

He could not afford to pay the cost of the deposition etc.

Attorney Ryan worked for free for eight months for his own bad karma to bring the suit against the Jains. He also lost money from his pocket in filing the suit

Attorney fee driven frivolos suits should not be tolerated in the Court of Law specially in United States of America..

Proactive Dr. Usha Jain & Disqualification of Chuck David Johnson

Dr. Usha Jain is the medical director and her goal is to serve the medical needs of the community.

Dr. Jain was given a wrongful violation which was defended by Dr. Jain without an attorney.

Dr. Usha Jain decided to run for County Commissioner District 1 which is her community she has been serving for 30 years.

Special Master Chuck Johnson gave the order of:

  1. fine of $250 dollars fine for the structures which is unsafe which is totally wrong.
  2. Fine of $50 dollars a day for the sign which was already repaired but he wants it to be removed because Chuck David Johnson thinks he can be a dictator in America.
  3. Dr. Jain is proactive and will countless hours to prove that Special Master is biased and is influenced by Rick Strong whose goal is to hurt Dr. Jain whatever it takes.
  4. Dr. Jain is also running for Orange County Commissioner District 1.