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Amanda Ober News Anchor WESH 2 Incompetency Jayma Ambe Hotel

Amanda Ober gave wrong news which challanges the competency of the news anchor WESH 2 news. Jayma Ambe Hotel is most affordable hotel on Colonial Drive. The hotel offers extended stay in the community. It is not a Marriot Hotel. The room is given to you clean and then your job is to keep it clean. If you do not keep it clean then you would produce roaches. Be civilized and do not trash the room. If you want to trash the room then blame it to yourself.  Say no to news reporter Amanda Ober if she pushes you to do the interview. Do not pacify her needs. Moreover it is true that you are responsible for your own room and if you do not like then go to another hotel. There are many hotel on Colonial Drive. It is very evident from all these that Amanda had a bad malice agianst theowners of the hotel.