Complaints of Amanda Ober WESH 2 news by Dr. Usha Jain 32819

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical doctor and does not own any hotel which was shown by Amanda Ober in the news. She went after Dr. Jain to give the publicity of Dr. Jain. Amanda Ober had no common sense and did not go in the County record to show who is the owner. If she wanted to give the news then her duty was to talk to the owner and not to harass Dr. Usha Jain who deals with the emergencies all day. Dr. Jains patient complained about Wesh 2 news parking on the side walk. Dr. Jain had to stop her work and had to go outside to talk to Amanda who was parked on the side walk.  Who gave her an authority to her to park on the side walk.

Dr. Usha Jain is planning to complaint about Amanda Ober to the higher authority. Dr. Jain’s priority is the patient care and not to complaint about Amanda Ober. Dr. Jain feels that if the time is given to Dr. Jain then Dr. Jain would be glad to complaint about Amanda Ober.  Do not trust the news of WESH 2 and a prime example is wrong news by Amanda Ober.




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