Amanda Ober Invalid News & Illegal Acts WESH 2 & Dr. Usha Jain

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical doctor and not a hotel owner. Amanda Ober barged in Dr. Jain’s office Ober and wanted to talk to Dr. Jain. Dr. Usha Jain informed Amanda Ober that  Dr. Usha Jain is working in the emergency center. Dr. Usha Jain explained to Amanda Ober that Dr. Usha Jain has an ethical obligation and cannot talk to news people while she is working. Amanda Ober insisted that she talke to Dr. Jain at that time. Dr. Jain refused and told Amanda Ober that Dr. Usha Jain is not the owner of the hotel. Dr. Jain also pointed to Amanda that she should look in the record who is the owner and talke to the owner. She made inconvenient for Dr. Usha Jain and distrcted from her practice. Amanda Ober waited for Dr. Usha Jain outside and parked the car on the side walk and gross of the clinic. Dr Usha Jain’s patient who was seen for the chest pain informed Dr. Jain that car of  Channel 2 news is parked on the side walk.

At that point, Dr. Jain was very frustrated when Dr. Usha Jain saw the car parked illegally on sidewalk and her clinic area. Dr. Jain told her that she is parking illegally.  Amanda Ober was accompanied by a gentleman who started recording Dr. Jain. Dr. Jain told Amanda Ober that Dr. Jain is not giving the permission for recording but the gentle man continued to record.

Later on Dr. Jain asked for the information including the name of the gentleman but Amanda refused to give the identity.

How horrible to do these kind of acts by  Amanda Ober of Wesh 2 News




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