Proactive Dr. Jain Orlando Easter Celebration in Devotion

Dr.  Jain firmly believes in God.  This year in 2018, Dr. Jain celebrated Vasant Navratri from March 18 to 26th and celebrating Easter for fourteen days. Dr. Jain’s Easter celebration is connected to the following story.

JJ is a couple who believed in God and the couple was working at their house.  A thief knocked on the door and demanded $1000 dollars but couple refused to give the money because it was their money. The thief tried to fight with the couple but when he found out that the couple is really strong and he might get in trouble. The thief started running away but the couple started running back after him.  Couple thought it was wrong for the thief to come and ask for the money.  The couple continued to run but after a while the couple ended in the territory of the thief where all the people tried to gang up on the couple and tried to hurt them. Couple  had firm belief in God and continue to fight and it was Easter time. Couple is still fighting in the name of God but the couple thinks that they will be saved because God would shower his blessings upon them. Hope that  the couple will be blessed at the Easter time and successful in the mission against the wrongdoing of the thief.

The couple may need some extra prayers this Easter so please pray for the  victory of truth and honesty in your prayers.

Part II : Police was there and the thief told the police that he was not the thief but on the contrary, the couple is the one who wanted to take his money.

Police was there, he tried to ask the couple questons as if the couple is the one who was a problem and his duty was over so another police came in.

Couple got very disappointed but did not give up the hope and continue to pray to God. The couple found something to prove their case and hoping that the 2nd police will believe the couple. 2nd police seemed like that he was part of the gang.

This Easter, the couple was rewarded by giving them evidence what was needed.

Now the next episode what police says about the evidence the couple produced in their defense

The result would be announced once it is found out.