Dr. Usha Jain to Run for Orange County Commissioner 2016

Dr. Usha Jain decided to run for Orange County Commissioner 2016 to make things better in district 1, for working citizens.

Reason for running for Orange County Commissioner

Dr. Jain was issued a wrongful violation by a code officer which was initiated by a commissioner’s office for a properly permitted grand fathered in medical center sign which has been in place for 10 years. Dr. Jain spent countless hours defending the violation herself and finally the case was withdrawn. Unnecessary harassment by the Govt. officials may be possible in third world countries but not in America.  Dr. Jain proved that with hard work and faith. Therefore Dr. Jain decided to run for the commissioner.

Dr. Usha Jain’s Mission is to  prevent wrongdoings and help working citizens.

Dr. Jain gives high priority to truth, honesty and principles. Dr. Jain is a hard worker and will sacrifice all of her time, if needed to preserve these principles. Dr. Jain has proven this in the past and details can be referenced at jainemergicare.com. Dr. Jain is a daughter of Ratanlal Banthia an attorney, famous in India for his honesty who never

lost a case and mother, Suhagbai a strong lady, who believed in karma & nonviolence.

Dr. Jain is board certified in Emergency Medicine, Anti-Aging and regenerative medicine and pediatrics Dr. Jain operates an urgent care in Dr. Phillips area and she has been serving the community for 30 years for all their urgent and family care needs. Dr. Jain worked as emergency and trauma physician at Orlando Regional Medical Center from 1979 to 1985.

Dr. Jain has been a lecturer all over America on the topics of treatment of Pneumonia (especially when a new antibiotic was launched 12 years ago) and other medical topics.

Dr. Jain and her husband are entertainers, who have performed, sang and danced for years for various community affairs. She teaches yoga and exercise on Bollywood music.

Dr. Jain was also class representative for her class of 150 students in 1969. A professor nominated her as she had the highest point grade in the class to avoid problems from school officials who did not do the right thing. She was the ladies representative in 1971 in her medical school (she was requested by her colleagues to run for office).

Dr. Jain’s faith is Hindu, believes in karma and nonviolence. She believes in God and doing good deeds. Dr. Jain is vegetarian.

Dr. Jain is married to Manohar Jain who has a master degree in engineering and helps Dr. Jain in her office. Dr. Jain has two daughters, a dentist and a dermatologist.

Dr. Jain’s ambition is to make a new state of art clinic and documentary movie to offer a tribute to God. She learned photo shop and video editing for that purpose