Pro Se Litigant Dr. Jain Fighting against Fraud on the Court Orlando

Remember your case is your responsibility. Attorney is there to help but get all the facts together so case can be defended properly. We have a case of the guy who worked at his regular job for more that 40 hours and did only 30 minutes of work to clean the garbage 6 days a week. He is claiming almost 40 hours a week for working 3 hours in the whole week. What do you do for the people like that. Question is do you give them some money and settle the case or fight a battle and spend more money. Tough decision.

Attorney brings the retaliation claim by moving the plaintiff in the house and pay for the housing.  Fraud on the court. Fight or settle or complaint to the bar?

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Court Denial to Mr. Blitch for Transport of Child Pornographer

Mr. Blitch is representing a child pornographer Jeffrey Barnett. He asked the court to get Jeffrey Barnett from the Federal prison of Lousiana to Fedral prison in Florida for the trial. Judge denied the motion and asked the litigant to pay for the expense of bringing Jeff Barnett to Florida. Mr. Blitch represent Jeffrey Alan Barnett who was sentenced on December 19, 2014 for 13 years.