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Fake News by Amanda Ober of Wesh 2 News Orlando

Dr. Usha Jain is the director of the Emergicare Center and works seven days a week for treating the emergencies in the community. Amanda Ober tried to defame Dr. Jain by coming to her emergency center. Dr. Jain refused to talk to her as Dr. Jain was working. Amanda Ober gave the news about Dr. Usha Jain which was totally wrong. Amanda Ober gave the news of the hotel which is not even owned by Dr. Jain. Dr. Jain feels that her news was fake news and totally driven to defame Dr. Usha Jain by giving the wrong news about her.

ake news by Amanda Ober is a type of hoax or deliberate spread of misinformation  via  the news media and was with the intent to mislead  in order to gain financially by producing eye-catching  headlines  in order to increase readership and, in internet-based stories, online sharing.  In the latter case, profit is made in a similar fashion to clickbait and relies on ad-revenue generated regardless of the veracity of the published storyies.

Dr. Jain was determined to file the suit against her and channel 2 news but her commitment to the community is to serve the community and not running around in to the Court.

Beware of Amanda Ober’s fake news as it happenned in Dr. jain’s case and specially for President Trump.


Fiduciary Duty of Govt . Officials and Dr. Usha Jain 32819

Relationship wherein  one person has an obligation to act for another’s benefit. A fiduciary duty is a legal duty to act solely in another party’s interests. Parties owing this duty are called fiduciaries. The individuals to whom they owe a duty are called principals. Code officers have fiduciary duty  to the taxpayers. Dr. Usha Jain is running forr commissioner for district 1 and want to educate the community about fiduciary duty of the Govt. official to taxpayers.

Dr. Jain belives that Govt . officials including the code officers owes a duty to the taxpayer to do the right job and work with the citizens so community can be better.

Harassment of the citizens would be cosedered a violation of the  fiduciary duty.

Dr. Usha Jain interviewed one of her patient Dr. Alvin White as he was leaving Dr. Jain’s office and Dr. Jain asked him to explain the fiduciary duty in simple words to the citizens.



Amanda Ober Breaking News Jayma Ambe Hotel Inspection

Amanda Ober asks the guest to see if she likes it at the hotel and when melissa said she liked at the hotel then Amanda Ober decides to not interview her. Amanda Ober also asked the uncle of Melissa but he also said hte positive about the hotel but then Amanda Ober did not want to interview him. Melissa’s statement is the prime example of the malice motive of Amanda Ober against Dr. Jain



Amanda Ober News Anchor WESH 2 Incompetency Jayma Ambe Hotel

Amanda Ober gave wrong news which challanges the competency of the news anchor WESH 2 news. Jayma Ambe Hotel is most affordable hotel on Colonial Drive. The hotel offers extended stay in the community. It is not a Marriot Hotel. The room is given to you clean and then your job is to keep it clean. If you do not keep it clean then you would produce roaches. Be civilized and do not trash the room. If you want to trash the room then blame it to yourself.  Say no to news reporter Amanda Ober if she pushes you to do the interview. Do not pacify her needs. Moreover it is true that you are responsible for your own room and if you do not like then go to another hotel. There are many hotel on Colonial Drive. It is very evident from all these that Amanda had a bad malice agianst theowners of the hotel.


Amanda Ober News Reporter Anchor Wesh 2 Violates Fiduciary duty

Amanda Ober violates fiduciary duty to the citizens by violating the fiduciary duty to the citizens. News anchor should not be violating such duties to the citizens.  Amanda Ober’s duty was to giv ethe right news which was not biased and opinioneted. Moreover Amand Ober never talked to the owner and amanda Ober released the news by saying she tracked down the owner which she never did. Lying in the news is not acceptable for whatever reason.

Dr. Usha Jain was very devastated about Amanda Ober’s wrong news. How  Amanda Ober can get away with these kind of news. Jury will be out.


Amanda Ober News Biased Unilateral about Jayma Ambe Hotel

Amanda Ober gave the news about Jayma Ambe hotel  few months ago. Dr. Usha Jain was very devastated that how the news anchor Amanda Ober can give the wrong news and bring Dr. Jain in the picture. Amanda Ober’s news was totally wihtout any facts. Dr. Jain is blessed to do the community service for all the urgent care needs and why Amanda Ober needed Dr. Jain in Amanda Ober’s  news. Dr. Jain is running for the commissioner of Orange County and Amanda Ober brought Dr. Jain in story of the hotel. VERY INTERESTING!!

Dr. Jain warned Amanda not to do the wrong things but Amanda Ober did not care as if somebody ordered her to do the story.

Anyway, Dr. Jain is doing her story now as Dr. Jain’s goal is to do her medicine and not ot rebutt Amanda. Dr. Jain decided that when she has time she will take care of the situation properly.

This is the video of the man and you can see that Amanda Ober was wrong.



Amanda Ober News Anchor Wesh 2 Political News of Dr. Jain

Amanda Ober Wesh 2 news is it political driven. Dr. Usha Jain who is an expert doctor in emergency medicine and anti-aging medicine was in news of Amanda Ober about Jayma Ambe Hotel. Amanda already knew or should have known that Dr. Jain is not the owner of the hotel. Amanda Ober’s wrong news about Dr. Jain had to be politically driven. Dr. Usha jain is running for the commissioner and why she had to bring that issue in the news., ONLY TIME WILL TELL THE CITIZENS.  This is a fight of Dr. Jain for truth, honesty and principles and let us see who would be the winner.

Amanda Weber news anchor wesh 2 news

Dr. Usha Jain running for commissioner for 2016 district 1



Amanda Ober Wesh 2 News not Trustworthy

Amanda Ober is a news anchor but her news are not trustworthy. She gave the news about Dr. Usha Jain who is an expert in emergency medicine and anti-aging. Amanda tried to her best to degrade but Dr. Jain is not an owner of the hotel. Amanda tried to walk in DR. jain’s  medical center and tried to ask her questions even when Dr. Usha Jain indicated that she was working. Amand Ober did not wait for the owner at the Palace hotel and wanted to get the information at the medical center. How horrible!!



Complaints of Amanda Ober WESH 2 news by Dr. Usha Jain 32819

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical doctor and does not own any hotel which was shown by Amanda Ober in the news. She went after Dr. Jain to give the publicity of Dr. Jain. Amanda Ober had no common sense and did not go in the County record to show who is the owner. If she wanted to give the news then her duty was to talk to the owner and not to harass Dr. Usha Jain who deals with the emergencies all day. Dr. Jains patient complained about Wesh 2 news parking on the side walk. Dr. Jain had to stop her work and had to go outside to talk to Amanda who was parked on the side walk.  Who gave her an authority to her to park on the side walk.

Dr. Usha Jain is planning to complaint about Amanda Ober to the higher authority. Dr. Jain’s priority is the patient care and not to complaint about Amanda Ober. Dr. Jain feels that if the time is given to Dr. Jain then Dr. Jain would be glad to complaint about Amanda Ober.  Do not trust the news of WESH 2 and a prime example is wrong news by Amanda Ober.