Doctor Jain Pro Se Self Representation

The definition of “Pro Se” is a Latin word meaning “Self Representation”.

Be Strong if you are right as we live in America the best Country for the justice system.

Dr. Jain suggest that if you have any legal issues, be proactive and do not to settle the case if you are truthful.  This may not be as easy as it seems but if you have strength to fight, then do not  settle to give money to  dishonest people. Dr. Jain also feels, that if you have done something wrong then admit, and settle the case.


Dr. Jain is dedicated to learning all she can about the legal system and laws  in order to be able to safely and honestly represent herself in any legal situation.

Dr. Jain is a medical doctor and owns and manages an Urgent Care facility in Orlando. She specializes in emergency medicine, pediatrics and anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Her roots of honesty and culture is formed in India where her father Attorney Ratan Lal Banthia who was an honest attorney and never lost a case and her mother Suhag Bai Banthia was an intelligent honest lady who always wanted to help the helpless.

Dr. Jain’s Mission to prevent Wrongdoing

The story of Dr. Jain parents is a real incident and Dr. Jain witnessed the whole case when Dr. Jain was about 8 years old in India. Real story of her parents which was written by her to her attorney Scott:

My father put his life in danger to fight a case of a young lady (Gauri)who got widowed and her step son tried to burn her with her 3 little kids. The rich husband of the  lady  died before my father could finish his will. The step son put the lady (Gauri) and her three kids on the street and when she raised her voice against her stepson about sharing the wealth of her husband, he then tried to burn her and her three children with gasoline. Gauri knew my dad and came to ask for help.

My dad’s paralegal advised not to take the case. The paralegal was worried about my father’s life because the paralegal thought the stepson will kill my father. My mom heard Gauri crying and asking for help as my dad’s office was in the house.  My mom was not educated but she asked my dad to please help the lady. My mom said to my dad that if my dad did not help Gauri then who would?  My mom said that the poor lady is out on the street with 3 little kids and does not even have money to feed them. She asked my dad to please help her.

My mom took such a major step to tell my dad to help her when my mom knew that she is risking my dad’s life.  The case was very simple but no attorney will take Gauri’s case because of the danger and also because Gauri did not have money to offer to an attorney to fight the case. My father had many threats but he won the case for Gauri in the end. As you see, the case was really simple but was dangerous. I have watched and witnessed all these, I think, I was 8 years old then.


I feel like if my dad can put his life in danger to fight a case like that of Gauri, I feel, that I can  at least can take some stress to bring the truth to the table. How can you give criminals money in your right mind. I would have settled the case in a heart beat  long time ago if we did anything wrong.

That is the reason we were looking for an attorney who will take us to the trial rather than asking for settlement in the middle of the case.

Mr. Blitch who is a plaintiff’s attorney almost got us there for a settlement but some power got me an idea of becoming  pro se at 4:30 in the morning. I got out of bed and said thank you God for giving me an idea and started working for that path.

I took lot of stress for 10 days but was for good cause for surviving the truth by saving my case and I can bring the truth on the table.

Mr. Blitch got successful in getting advantage of the internal dispute between myself and my attorney.  Now he wants me to think that you are the problem so I can go after you.

TELL MR. BLITCH THAT HIS SCHEME IS NOT GOING TO WORK WITH ME! This is a battle between good faith versus bad faith.

I know who is on my side and I know who is my enemy. I would never hurt my own unless Mr. Blitch try to use my own to get me in to a settlement. I am in the process studying the rules of FRCP so I can bring the truth and take care of him through proper legal proceedings.

We are doing great now and ready for our mission, more excited than ever before.



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